About Mateo

My name is Mateo Tenzera, I am an international Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). For over a decade, I have been deeply passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which then lead me on a continuous path of studying fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness through breath-work from a young age. Besides the fact that this area of self-improvement helped my athletic endeavors, my main concern was fixing my ADHD that stems back to my early years of childhood, and more recently, anxiety and panic attacks. As I learned more about holistic health and my own mental health, I realized that there was another way around healing other than taking every stimulant and prescription medication that every doctor tried to give me. The more that I learned, the more that I understood the power of natural healing, and that the modern medicine route doesn’t have to be the only option in many cases. I finally decided to turn my lifestyle into a career by becoming a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach in order to navigate men into a happier and healthier way of healing.


Before becoming a health coach, I worked in various jobs from fitness studios, construction sites, and most interestingly, being an EMT. In my early 20’s, I learned a lot about the modern medical system by driving hundreds of chronically ill patients to every type of medical facility you can imagine. The biggest eye opener in my career was discovering that mainstream healthcare isn’t about healing, it’s about managing symptoms. I’ve had multiple patients that were “regulars”, and would be going in and out of the emergency room for the same issues. Hypoglycemia, hypertension, allergies, depression, anxiety, you name it. I remember one specific interaction between a doctor and my patient, and the patient was genuinely curious as to how to lose her stubborn belly fat. So she asked the doctor, and all he said was, “Exercise, eat less.” and walked off. That was the tipping point for me. Having known that that was such a ridiculous answer from someone with such a high pedigree made me realize that I had to do something, something has to change, thus leading me into becoming a certified Holistic Health coach through IIN.


For many people, being “healthy” can feel like a full time job. Living during the information age makes it very difficult to know what is honest or fake news, and to even know if the new health trend works for them. My job is to assist and guide you into integrating new lifestyle choices that work for YOU and YOUR goals. My mission is to provide you with awareness and the knowledge in creating long-term and sustainable health and wellness choices in order to live a prosperous and purposeful life. I hope to hear from you soon!